“I am empowered by their empowerment.”

Today, starting at 9 am at Babiker Badri Association at Ahfad University for Women, our network had its first session. The meeting involved getting to know each other and learning basic handicraft skills.

Recycled paper baskets

Randa, Superwoman # 1: ” I am happy that the project is now alive ! I can see the participants are excited to learn about the recycling handicrafts. We have around 20 participants, but I think we can go up to 30 in this space.”

Randa, superwoman # 1.
Randa, Superwoman # 1.

Jumana, Superwoman # 2: “You can almost feel the excitement here ! I am empowered by their empowerment. The baskets are beautiful, some of the women were saying that even if they don’t sell, they can use them to decorate their homes.”

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Jumana, Superwoman # 2
Jumana, Superwoman # 2

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